Tuesday, September 2, 2008


The City of Lomita (and taxpayers) finally got around to repairing our streets! Our neighborhood was quite pleased to see the work trucks arrive, the streets being patched and the final chapter ... fresh Slurry Seal!! The workmen were diligent, organized and efficient. They were careful not to destroy anyone's lawns, drip slurry on the curbs or completely destroy the traffic patterns...great job! The roads were only closed for one day (actually about 8 hours.) They alternated streets to cause the least disturbance possible. They directed traffic. They did an excellent job! They performed their duties, put up barriers and left the slurry seal to set.

Then, as unbelievable as this may sound, some folks disregarded the posted signs, the mailed notices, the hand delivered notices and the obvious presence of workmen with their equipment, so noticeable in the neighborhood and drove through the fresh slurry seal. These people opened up barriers and actually drove down the fresh slurried streets before they were set. Too much of an inconvenience for some...a real irritation for those of us who actually appreciate living in a neighborhood where the streets are tended. I don't understand how people could be so inconsiderate. Maybe it's because I'm blonde, but many of my neighbors are equally annoyed. I hope Lomita follows up on these folks and slaps a big fine on them!

There are days when you're the bug and days when you're the windshield...
I'm sure these workmen who had to come back and see the MESS that was made of their highly efficient work were equally dismayed. I watched them try to repair the damage made from tires digging ruts through the fresh slurry. Unfortunately, hours after the damage occurred, the ruts became a permanent fixture. It was pretty obvious who the culprits were. In some cases, the tire tracks came right from their driveway. Of course, they were supposed to have their cars off the street for the work to be performed but no one told them they couldn't drive out of their driveway into the fresh slurry or open up the barricades to drive their cars home. Amazing!

The good news ... it will take these folks a lot of elbow grease to remove the "kicked up" slurry seal from their undersides and bumpers and hopefully, paint jobs. I'll enjoy watching them. I'm sure they will be the first to complain about the mess that the streets made of their car. That will not surprise me. These are the same folks that gripe about everything anyway. It's always ALL about them. Next time we should spend a little more money and hire "slurry police." Maybe a few fines will cause people to be a little more considerate and conscious.

In the meantime, thanks Lomita for helping us keep our neighborhoods safe and clean!! Some of us really do appreciate your effort!!