Tuesday, July 14, 2009


The weather has finally begun to show signs of summer. June gloom is edging away and the sunny Southern California sun has finally begun her tour across the South Bay. The air in the mornings is crisp and clean. As I walk with my dogs through the tall Pine trees, everything smells fresh and sweet at 6:00 a.m. with temperatures in the low 60's. Lomita Pines Photos

Now it's about Noon ... the sun begins to beat down ... and beat down... and beat down... and temperatures rise and my dogs find shelter on the cool stone floors, begging not to be put outdoors. I begin to remember those hot summer days I used to frolic through when I was 10. Now they create rivulets of sweat coarsing down my back but I digress...It is definately summer. 90 degrees+ Not normal!

Here in the South Bay we enjoy very mild weather patterns. We are actually quite spoiled by the weather. The cool breezes off the ocean or the harbor (depending on which side of the Peninsula your home is attached) keep us quite comfortable. We rarely use air conditioning. We pride ourselves on our conservative use of electricity in the summer.

At 5:00 I did it! I turned on the air conditioning. I just wanted to cool things down a tad before getting prepared for an evening event. Just a few hours of air conditioning usually do the trick. About 7:00 I headed for the master bedroom to get ready to go out. I walked into the master bath and there was a new "water feature" not unlike the one in my patio, but upside down so to speak. Water was not dripping but pouring from the light fixture in my bathroom. My brain went into shock as I tried to figure out what would cause such a thing to happen. The dogs and I watched for a few seconds and then it hit me. It had to be the air conditioner. The furnace is poised right above the bath. I pulled open the attic door and sure enough, water was pouring from the condensation tubing which should have been entering the drain provided for it's collection. I rushed to shut down the air conditioner and gathered up a mop and towels and started cleaning up the new lake in my bathroom.

Since this is the beginning of the summer season for many of you, my story is meant as a reminder. Many of us have not used our air conditioner for six months or more. Many things can occur in that period of time. The drains get clogged, The tubing escapes from the fittings. Mold has formed in the tube or drain. Remember to remind your clients (and friends and husbands or wives) that summertime is a good time for an air conditioning "dust and clean." We change the filters and vacuum the vents but we don't think about the fragile mechanical parts until something like this happens. It's not a bad idea to have the air conditioning people take a peek and make sure you're ready for the season! Flooding does not help to cool the house in the summer ...
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Good luck and God Bless. Let me know if you have any helpful hints for homeowners preparing for the summer season.