Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lomita Pines Picture Perfect Home

1931 262nd St., Lomita Pines
Looking for a great home in the Pines?  

This spacious and gracious Lomita Pines 3 bedroom, 3 bath home is on a large lot with a city view and beautiful patio, deck and garden areas. Detached rear double car garage has alley access. Professionally remodeled
country style kitchen and big dining room would be great for your upcoming Holiday family dinners. Nicely appointed master
bedroom with in-suite bath and Hunter-Douglas plantation shutters (also included on other doors and windows throughout the

house.) Extensive upgrades including newer appliances, newer exterior doors, brand new water heater, gleaming wood floors,
forced air heat and air conditioning throughout. Landscaping is professional drought resistant with newer fencing. Big walk-in
closets in every bedroom plus separate laundry room with newer washer and dryer included. Newer (2010) Strong (Brand name)
6 seater spa with lounger is included. Too many extras to list. It's a must see if you're looking for a spotless, perfect Pines
home. Convenient location - just minutes to the freeway and minutes to the beach. Best of both worlds! Walk to schools,
shopping and transportation.  Call for your personal preview today!
BRE # 00769985

Friday, November 1, 2013

Chicken Soup For The Dog?


Halloween is over - thank it's time to take down the gaudy and maudlin decor and start preparing for the next holiday season...but wait a minute.   Why am I hearing those arrrgh noises from my dog?  Seems like one or more may have taken part in last nights celebration.  I'm hoping it was just candy and there are no missing children.  

Anyway, I was going to start putting up my fav Thanksgiving sides and such but now I'm thinking... is there such a thing as a chicken soup cure for an ailing dog?  When we're sick, that's what we eat but what do you feed a dog that looks like a really bad New Year's Eve hangover victim?

One of the things I give my dogs every day is a scoop of roasted chicken with vegetables on top of their kibble.  They enjoy it and it provides added nutrients and protein missing from the kibble.  So, why not make some soup for them too?  I'll be right back...

OK, believe it or not, looks like it helps!  All three are now making slurping noises instead of gagging. Last Christmas one of them opened up a wrapped box of chocolates that was in a gift bag, unwrapped the box, ate the entire box and pushed the empty box under the couch.  Had I not noticed a few errant wrappers by the door, I would never have even thought to check the gift bag.  There's a fine line between smart and not so much.

At least we will be heading to the beach today and not to the vet.  Thank Heavens for Chicken Soup.  It really can soothe the savage beast in more ways than one.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and please, don't let the dogs get a hold of the turkey carcass.  

Blessings for a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving dinner for you and your family.

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Some great information on predictions for the real estate market in 2014 and fun ideas for decorating your Thanksgiving Table too.  It's all good (my friend Sam always says.)

Charlie (Hoffmann) and Rod Russell and whole furry family ;)

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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lomita Pines Hosts The Lomita Sheriff's Department

National Open House Day for Neighborhood Watch groups was a huge success in Lomita.  Our Sheriff's Department had 15 groups to visit on Tuesday (August 6th) and were incredibly accommodating.  Our Lomita Pines group was hosted by Irene Kurata with quite a turn out. 

Captain Blaine Bolin, Deputy Despot and several other deputies joined us last night and answered a lot of questions about crime in our neighborhood. They are currently watching several homes for drug activity and encouraged us to call in any suspicious cars, persons, events directly to the station (as opposed to 911 where calls sometimes get routed to LA City.)   Of course, we are reminded to keep doors locked, garage doors closed and to keep mailboxes locked. They mentioned several cases of identity theft in the Pines from stolen mail. They also had 2 arrests and convictions for rape in the immediate area. In addition, there are a lot of car thefts and break ins happening right now so keep your cars and trucks locked and all personal items out of view. Let's communicate with each other and keep the information flowing on our neighborhood website for everyone's benefit and protection.  If you haven't signed on to our NEXTDOOR site yet, please do.  You'll be able to stay in touch and know what's happening in your neighborhood right away instead of waiting to read about in the Daily Breeze. 
Here are some helpful contact numbers and web information:
Lomita Sheriff's Station 310-539-1661
Captain Bolin at Lomita Station  310-891-3223      

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

How Safe Is YOUR Neighborhood?

Here in Lomita Pines we feel pretty safe and secure about our
neighborhood.  We know the most important thing to consider when purchasing a home is always, location, location, location. 

But, what about other neighborhoods we may be considering for income property, vacation homes or helping one of our kids find their first place?   
Today, with the amount of information available online, crime statistics can be easy to find if you just know where to look.  Here are some helpful places to start...
Sex Offenders: Thanks to Megan's Law, determining if there are registered sex offenders in the area has never been easier. Simply Google "Megan's Law, (your city), (your state)," and you should see a list of available resources. You should be able to enter the address, neighborhood, town, ZIP code, or other identifiers that will allow you to see if there are any registered sex offenders in the area. Be aware that process may vary by state, and if you don't have any success with the keywords "Megan's Law," instead try "sex offender, (your city), (your state)."
Drugs: Has a property been used for drug sales or drug production? Was it ever a meth lab? It may be a bit tougher to find all the information you want, but there are options:
Google the address. If a crime had been reported there, some details may show up in the search, especially if it made the local paper or news channels.
Drive by in the evening or weekend (when people are most likely around) and talk with neighbors. They can often be the best source for what happened in that home before it went on the market.

 Justice Dept. website Click on the map to view a list of counties and addresses where drug labs have been found.

Crime: Want to find out about stolen vehicles, robberies, and more? Below are three sites to help your buyers do that (besides the Daily Breeze, of course.) 

Trulia: To get an understanding of the overall crime statistics in the area, Trulia can be a good place to start. After entering the address in the search field, scroll down to the "Local Info" area and click on the "Crimes" tab. This information is also available for larger areas using the "Local Info" tab in the search area.
CrimeReports: This site allows you to see the types of crimes that occurred throughout the area. By clicking on the icons, you learn what type of crime was committed, where it was committed, and when it occurred.

SpotCrime is another site that works similarly to CrimeReports, though you may find more details on the CrimeReports site depending on the area.
Also, check Neighborhood Websites like  Lomita Pines Next Door
Our is still in the beginning phase but I've seen some older neighborhoods really rally against crime using tools like this!

Of course, call me for information on any property in Southern California.  I'd be more than happy to help you research and find a safe place to live, vacation, relocate or check out for the kids. 
Charlie :)
Team South Bay Realty
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    Saturday, June 1, 2013

    Nothing stays the same forever, especially the real estate market.  Just like the stock market, what goes up eventually comes down and so goes the circle of life. 

    This month we've seen some great improvement in South Bay home prices.  We're slowly moving away from the Foreclosures and Short Sales (although we still may see more to come from the "shadow inventory" some of the banks are holding.)  Meantime, we're holding our breath - anticipating a interest rate hike - long overdue.  A lot of folks are still not convinced that now is the time to roll out their plans for moving into bigger homes or selling the family home which they've outgrown for something more manageable.  I suggest that NOW is the time to start moving forward.  We have a perfect blend - lowest interest rates in history accompanying comparatively modest home prices.  If you are trading up, the money you save on your "up leg" will more than make up for any lag in increased value for your present home.  It's all numbers. 

    I'm sending out Market Update Profiles to all my clients over the next few months.  If you're not in my current database, call me and I'll do the same for you.  My job has always been to provide information so you can make an intelligent informed decision.  That starts with looking at the big picture and narrowing it down to how it will play into your life and family plans.  My husband teases me with my own mantra ... if you fail to plan you plan to fail!  We are now in a transitioning market.  Take advantage of the window and watch how these changes play into your goals and dreams. 
    Of course, I can help you visualize and project whatever you have in mind.  Then when you're ready to move forward, I can help you make it all happen.  That's my job - your Real Estate Consultant For Life and all it brings...

    Meantime, I have a little girl looking for a "forever" home.  She's a sweet 4 year old English Bulldog.  She plays with all my dogs (and cats) and has taken up a post as the best watchdog ever to earn her keep.  She needs someone who will walk her (she loves walks) and give her some attention (not that much but a little.)  She will return those favors ten fold.  Let me know if you or someone you know would like to adopt this wonderful companion pooch.  It's good Karma you know - doesn't hurt to pay it forward. 

    Have a great month and please feel free to call me with any of your real estate questions. I'm here to help. 

    Charlie :)
    Team South Bay Realty
    24214 Hawthorne Blvd. Suite B
    Torrance, CA 90505

    Friday, April 19, 2013

    The Pines, Lomita, CA

    Lomita Pines - A perfect place to be!


     Lomita, CA 90717

    It's been a quiet year in the Pines...  We call our city SLOWMITA for a reason.  We're happy that not much really happens here.  That's true for Lomita but especially true in the Pines.  We do have Pine trees growing and birds chirping and the occasional skunk, possum or raccoon wreaking some havoc...but that's about it.  Sometimes we have neighbor wars (OK not wars but more skirmishes) over whose gardening destroyed whose tree or whose needs to improve to avoid ruining one's view or whose car is parked directly in front of someones house...that's about as bad as it gets. A couple of years ago someone ran over the fresh blacktop on Monte Vista but I digress...  For the most part, we're neighborly and conservative and quiet. 

    On the other side of Pacific Coast Highway (where a large portion of the rest of Lomita resides) there were a few important stories last year.  Seems a local restaurateur killed his wife and disposed of the body parts in the grease pit of his store.  I hated to see that restaurant close.  He did have the best food in town.  Don't know why he and the wife had such a go at it but that's marriage for you.  I took dozens of friends and clients to that place for dinner.  Now I suppose I'm as infamous as he to my friends (at least to those I introduced to his cuisine.)  We are absolutely certain that none of us ate there during the six months the Sheriff's Dept. spent looking for the body.  (Not that it brings any solace to those who may have eaten there prior to the attempt to locate the body.) 

    Prior to that we were nationally famous for the story of the Black Widow, an unusually notorious female, said to have killed two husbands prior to being murdered herself by a nephew trying to collect the insurance money she received from her two husband's unfortunate demise.  Now, she was a hair dresser, and I'm glad I never had my locks trimmed in her shop.  I couldn't afford being affiliated with two such notables in such a small town. 

    Lomita is tiny really - a tad over 20,000 mostly quiet and not murderous people.  We tend to have a goodly portion of aerospace and Long Shore (harbor) workers here.  Their kids try not to move very far from Mom and Pop and a lot of the homes stay in the families for decades.  That doesn't help my business very much but I respect the tradition.  The WHOLE blasted city is less than 5 square miles (as far as I know.)  We used to be agriculturally based, but now we're famous for our news media coverage. 

    Had a run in once with the Tree Committee.  Thank heavens those people have been replaced by a commission.  One thing you DON'T do in the Pines is to plant anything that doesn't drip sap all over your car, your house or your recreational vehicle (which you are not allowed to park on the street for more than 2 days or until your neighbor calls and rats you out.) I believe you would do better to run around naked as a jaybird in broad daylight than plant some deciduous trees in your parkway.  I don't believe the neighbors would turn you in for your naked romp - they would call the Tree Commission if you dare to break the Sap Dripping Tree rule

    If you're interested in visiting or moving to our little haven South of Pacific Coast Highway or even the larger portion of our 5 square miles of depravity, call me.  I can help you figure out a few things. I could definately sell you a house, condominium or income property!  I'm your helpful neighborhood real estate professional!  Just take a look at some of our pics and you'll get the picture. 

    If you're not ready, just keep reading my blog until you are.  I know we'll get you convinced sooner or later.  Till then, have a warm, sunny, blessed life and call me if you need a Pine fix.  We're always here to help.

    Team South Bay Realty
    p.s. I receive numerous requests for information about Lomita Pines housing.  I have an actual brochure about the Pines and the different neighborhoods and home types.  If you are interested in receiving information about Lomita Pines, send an email with your address and whether you'd like to be on our mailing list, email updates, newsletter or twitter accounts and we will include you (but only if you asked to be included.)