Tuesday, December 15, 2009


Being a Christian, I love the Christmas season. It brings hope and laughter and love, even in economic recessions. It reminds us to be kind, faithful, patient. After all, Jesus is the reason for the season!

We think about our neighbors more during the Christmas season. We reflect on their choice of decorations (indoor and outdoor.) We listen more intently to their declarations (in church and out .) We have expectations of their kindness and consideration. We are reminded of bible verses and hymns. Unfortunately, we are also sometimes reminded of the old addage, "keep your friends close and your enemies closer." This, my friends, is a "high profile" season. Whether you're a shopkeeper, neighbor, relative, teacher, fellow student, employee, sports fan, politico or zealot of one sort or another, this season shines a light on you in so many, many ways.

I recently wrote about my experience with a local business owner in my Facebook...how I felt wronged by his less than stellar business policy and questionable ethics...how I felt cheated by his treatment, not just financially but emotionally as well. I pledged a vendetta of negative marketing as my revenge. I had all the tools at my disposal. I devised a plan to bring him to justice. Then I realized how much energy it takes to wage such a war or to even envision it. I began to rethink my plan. How much better might it be to try to help people avoid being ripped off by simply educating them about the problem. How short lived my vendetta would have been versus how long lasting and far reaching my informational tips could be. I reflected on various ways to help others avoid being ripped off both during the Holiday Season and throughout the year instead. I relected on a quote by Isaac Bashevis Singer...

Life is God's Novel, Let him write it!
In that decision was my clarity. How we move forward in life is a statement of who we are and how we love. In checking our own perspective, we can influence others as well. As the cat in the photo teaches us, there's a lot more going on than we'll ever really understand individually. With the help of our friends and neighbors and relatives and yes, even those who disparage us or rip us off, comes life's lessons to be learned and shared for their worth and value - as opposed to their pain and suffering. In this season, as in all seasons, We Are Not Alone.

God Bless Us Everyone and

Merry Christmas!!

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Wish you a safe and joyous Holiday
and a Prosperous and Engaging 2010!