Friday, November 1, 2013

Chicken Soup For The Dog?


Halloween is over - thank it's time to take down the gaudy and maudlin decor and start preparing for the next holiday season...but wait a minute.   Why am I hearing those arrrgh noises from my dog?  Seems like one or more may have taken part in last nights celebration.  I'm hoping it was just candy and there are no missing children.  

Anyway, I was going to start putting up my fav Thanksgiving sides and such but now I'm thinking... is there such a thing as a chicken soup cure for an ailing dog?  When we're sick, that's what we eat but what do you feed a dog that looks like a really bad New Year's Eve hangover victim?

One of the things I give my dogs every day is a scoop of roasted chicken with vegetables on top of their kibble.  They enjoy it and it provides added nutrients and protein missing from the kibble.  So, why not make some soup for them too?  I'll be right back...

OK, believe it or not, looks like it helps!  All three are now making slurping noises instead of gagging. Last Christmas one of them opened up a wrapped box of chocolates that was in a gift bag, unwrapped the box, ate the entire box and pushed the empty box under the couch.  Had I not noticed a few errant wrappers by the door, I would never have even thought to check the gift bag.  There's a fine line between smart and not so much.

At least we will be heading to the beach today and not to the vet.  Thank Heavens for Chicken Soup.  It really can soothe the savage beast in more ways than one.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving and please, don't let the dogs get a hold of the turkey carcass.  

Blessings for a safe, healthy and happy Thanksgiving dinner for you and your family.

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Charlie (Hoffmann) and Rod Russell and whole furry family ;)

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