Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Lomita Pines Hosts The Lomita Sheriff's Department

National Open House Day for Neighborhood Watch groups was a huge success in Lomita.  Our Sheriff's Department had 15 groups to visit on Tuesday (August 6th) and were incredibly accommodating.  Our Lomita Pines group was hosted by Irene Kurata with quite a turn out. 

Captain Blaine Bolin, Deputy Despot and several other deputies joined us last night and answered a lot of questions about crime in our neighborhood. They are currently watching several homes for drug activity and encouraged us to call in any suspicious cars, persons, events directly to the station (as opposed to 911 where calls sometimes get routed to LA City.)   Of course, we are reminded to keep doors locked, garage doors closed and to keep mailboxes locked. They mentioned several cases of identity theft in the Pines from stolen mail. They also had 2 arrests and convictions for rape in the immediate area. In addition, there are a lot of car thefts and break ins happening right now so keep your cars and trucks locked and all personal items out of view. Let's communicate with each other and keep the information flowing on our neighborhood website for everyone's benefit and protection.  If you haven't signed on to our NEXTDOOR site yet, please do.  You'll be able to stay in touch and know what's happening in your neighborhood right away instead of waiting to read about in the Daily Breeze. 
Here are some helpful contact numbers and web information:
Lomita Sheriff's Station 310-539-1661
Captain Bolin at Lomita Station  310-891-3223      

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