Friday, April 19, 2013

The Pines, Lomita, CA

Lomita Pines - A perfect place to be!


 Lomita, CA 90717

It's been a quiet year in the Pines...  We call our city SLOWMITA for a reason.  We're happy that not much really happens here.  That's true for Lomita but especially true in the Pines.  We do have Pine trees growing and birds chirping and the occasional skunk, possum or raccoon wreaking some havoc...but that's about it.  Sometimes we have neighbor wars (OK not wars but more skirmishes) over whose gardening destroyed whose tree or whose needs to improve to avoid ruining one's view or whose car is parked directly in front of someones house...that's about as bad as it gets. A couple of years ago someone ran over the fresh blacktop on Monte Vista but I digress...  For the most part, we're neighborly and conservative and quiet. 

On the other side of Pacific Coast Highway (where a large portion of the rest of Lomita resides) there were a few important stories last year.  Seems a local restaurateur killed his wife and disposed of the body parts in the grease pit of his store.  I hated to see that restaurant close.  He did have the best food in town.  Don't know why he and the wife had such a go at it but that's marriage for you.  I took dozens of friends and clients to that place for dinner.  Now I suppose I'm as infamous as he to my friends (at least to those I introduced to his cuisine.)  We are absolutely certain that none of us ate there during the six months the Sheriff's Dept. spent looking for the body.  (Not that it brings any solace to those who may have eaten there prior to the attempt to locate the body.) 

Prior to that we were nationally famous for the story of the Black Widow, an unusually notorious female, said to have killed two husbands prior to being murdered herself by a nephew trying to collect the insurance money she received from her two husband's unfortunate demise.  Now, she was a hair dresser, and I'm glad I never had my locks trimmed in her shop.  I couldn't afford being affiliated with two such notables in such a small town. 

Lomita is tiny really - a tad over 20,000 mostly quiet and not murderous people.  We tend to have a goodly portion of aerospace and Long Shore (harbor) workers here.  Their kids try not to move very far from Mom and Pop and a lot of the homes stay in the families for decades.  That doesn't help my business very much but I respect the tradition.  The WHOLE blasted city is less than 5 square miles (as far as I know.)  We used to be agriculturally based, but now we're famous for our news media coverage. 

Had a run in once with the Tree Committee.  Thank heavens those people have been replaced by a commission.  One thing you DON'T do in the Pines is to plant anything that doesn't drip sap all over your car, your house or your recreational vehicle (which you are not allowed to park on the street for more than 2 days or until your neighbor calls and rats you out.) I believe you would do better to run around naked as a jaybird in broad daylight than plant some deciduous trees in your parkway.  I don't believe the neighbors would turn you in for your naked romp - they would call the Tree Commission if you dare to break the Sap Dripping Tree rule

If you're interested in visiting or moving to our little haven South of Pacific Coast Highway or even the larger portion of our 5 square miles of depravity, call me.  I can help you figure out a few things. I could definately sell you a house, condominium or income property!  I'm your helpful neighborhood real estate professional!  Just take a look at some of our pics and you'll get the picture. 

If you're not ready, just keep reading my blog until you are.  I know we'll get you convinced sooner or later.  Till then, have a warm, sunny, blessed life and call me if you need a Pine fix.  We're always here to help.

Team South Bay Realty
p.s. I receive numerous requests for information about Lomita Pines housing.  I have an actual brochure about the Pines and the different neighborhoods and home types.  If you are interested in receiving information about Lomita Pines, send an email with your address and whether you'd like to be on our mailing list, email updates, newsletter or twitter accounts and we will include you (but only if you asked to be included.) 

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