Monday, March 17, 2014

Crime and Punishment

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Every Month, I send out an "E" Newsletter and a printed version.  Some people like one and some like the other.  Personally, I receive so much email, most of which I really don't have any interest in reading, I hate to clutter other peoples mailboxes with mine.  As far as the printed version, I have a lot of fans of my monthly newsletter.  It's simpler than the "E" version and more folksy.  I try to include some fun stuff ... favorite recipes, "how to" tips, neighborly news.  Since I've been at this for decades, people actually call me when they don't get my newsletter.  I love that - makes me feel like someone is actually reading it.  Every now and then I get an email thanking me for information.  I love that even more.  Makes my monthly effort feel worthwhile.

For some time now I've also been getting NIXLE alerts.  In the beginning they weren't in "my neighborhood" so I didn't feel too worried.  Lately they are edging ever nearer.  I just read one about a pair of Male and Female Distracters.  It appears they knocked on the front door of the person's home.  He opened the door and the "perp" (I learned that word watching CSI) inquired if a certain party resided there.  When told no, the perp apologized and walked away.   The unsuspecting homeowner went out to his backyard and observed perp #2 on his cellphone and asked if he could help him.  Perp #2 said he was looking for his son's ball and began rambling on eventually fleeing the backyard through a side gate.

The homeowner then discovered that perp #2 had moved a bench in the backyard, climbed up a water pipe to the second story, pried open the glass door and ransacked his bedroom.  There was a plastic bag containing BBQ chicken remnants in the backyard (probably used to quiet the homeowners dog.)

Now I'm wondering, do you think it would be helpful to let you know about the Lighter Low Calorie Chicken Pot Pie this month or to find a mug shot of these perps to help you guard your house?
 It's really comes down to this.  Since none of us have much time to read anymore, we have to make it count.  Maybe that's why we don't have any "Good News" papers.   And to think I was going to report on the recent occurrence of Coyotes menacing our small animals this month.  I wonder if BBQ chicken remnants would appease them...

As our Police Department Keeps Reminding us ...

"See Something - Say Something"  

Charlie Hoffmann
Team South Bay Realty

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